4 Hong Kong Pools to Beat the Heat This Summer

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Hong Kong may conjure images of shopping and dim sum, not swimming pools. Yet Hong Kong boasts numerous spectacular options to beat the heat this summer: from world’s highest pool to natural infinity pond on mountainside.

Hongkong pools boast incredible views and state-of-the-art facilities, making them some of the most unique watering holes. Take a dip at any one of these special spots, and you may just forget you’re still in the city!

On the sixth-floor of Rosewood Hong Kong is an amazing infinity pool that offers breathtaking views of Hong Kong cityscape. Hotel guests can float leisurely around Asaya Pool while indulging in poolside brunch from restaurant Asaya Pool for ultimate relaxation in scorching summer heat. However, remember this pool is only open to hotel guests; so if you want an escape from crowds book one-night stay here on Klook and experience your semi-private pool time while sipping on wine!

Are You Thinking About Traveling To Water World Ocean Park? Don’t! With such an incredible view, why would anyone need to travel all the way there? At The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel’s pools you have more privacy, top-tier facilities and stunning views without all the hustle. Relax in their main pool while your little ones play in their Kid-Lagoon. Even if you aren’t staying there don’t worry – non-guests can purchase day passes for use of these amazing wellness amenities!

On the 118th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building – International Commerce Center – lies Ritz Carlton’s indoor pool: it’s truly impressive! Boasting floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrored walls, its sleek surface will make you feel like swimming among clouds; plus there are 144 LED lights that create coral reef effects! Make a trip here an experience you won’t soon forget!

Though no cases of coronavirus transmission via swimming have been confirmed, many public pools remain off limits to public use, leading to overcrowding at many of the city’s most visited spots. Hong Kong’s swimming community was shocked and dismayed at these closures, especially given the high concentration of competitive swimmers as well as millions more who swim for fitness or leisure purposes. Closures will have an extremely detrimental impact on the United Kingdom’s renowned swimming system which trains over 10,000 athletes annually. Some pools have opened recently while others remain shut. The Amateur Swimming Association of Hong Kong has already expressed concern that this will have a devastating impact on Olympic hopefuls in Hong Kong in future. Click through for some of Hong Kong’s finest pools open this summer!


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