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Data Hong Kong is an important issue for both public and private sectors in Hong Kong. The government is working hard to protect individuals’ privacy rights in a digital era; for instance, by restricting use of personal data for marketing purposes; thus protecting people’s privacy while making sure companies use their information ethically.

The government is actively encouraging greater data sharing between mainland China and Hong Kong, to assist businesses on both sides of the border in working more efficiently. The move should foster trade and investment between them as well as helping China enhance its cybersecurity while balancing data flows between sides of the border – which has been applauded by experts across both nations.

As well as regulating data use, the government is also considering expanding the definition of personal data to include more types of identity- and online-identifier-related personal information – meaning more can be protected by PDPO but some critics argue this change could limit freedom of speech.

Personal data is currently defined as any information that identifies a person, such as their name, ID number, location data or any other means. Such identifiers allow us to construct an individual’s physical, mental and social characteristics – essential in creating the foundation of privacy in today’s digital environment. The definition of personal data ensures people retain this right in digital societies.

Under current law, only an individual’s personal data is protected under the Personal Data Protection Ordinance. This ensures they cannot be subject to unlawful interference with their family life, home life or correspondence, or unfair attacks on their honour and reputation – a fundamental right guaranteed by both Hong Kong’s Constitution and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

PDPO applies to organizations headquartered in Hong Kong or operating from Hong Kong that control data. This includes any organization processing data processed either in or from Hong Kong – even if the actual processing occurs elsewhere. As it applies extraterritorially, companies in other countries should take care when collecting and processing personal information.

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June 2024

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