Hong Kong Pools For Families With Kids

Swimming is one of the most beloved recreational activities for locals living in Hong Kong’s hot and humid environment, making it an essential way to both stay cool and exercise at once. Not only is it ideal for individuals but it is also perfect for families. There are numerous public pools throughout the city offering everything from water slides to splash zones; here are our favourites:

Wan Chai pool offers great fun for adults and kids alike, boasting floor-to-ceiling windows offering incredible views of Victoria Harbour and city skylines, LCD screens displaying tropical fish images, bubbles, clouds, beach scenes as well as LCD displays on walls and ceilings that display tropical fish bubbles clouds and beach scenes, large main lap pool with two leisure pools offering swim classes for adults alike.

This pool may be further out from the city centre than others, but its breathtaking views and architecture more than make up for that inconvenience. Relaxation options abound at its poolside bar while guests can also find nearby dining opportunities.

Kowloon Park Swimming Pool offers three outdoor leisure pools featuring waterfalls and rocks as well as footbridge access, footbridge seating and a diving pool. Open year-round with entry fees ranging from HK$17 during weekday hours for adults to just HK$9 on weekends or public holidays for children; those over 60, between the ages of 3-13 or full-time students qualify for discounted entry fees.

Ma On Shan offers visitors something truly different: water slides. This family pool boasts four giant slides – including Hong Kong’s fastest waterslide! Additionally, there are several smaller ones and even an entire toddler pool featuring whimsical installations such as mushroom and tree-shaped fountains!

Hong Kong’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department operates 22 public swimming pools which all require an entrance fee; weekday rates range between HK$17-18 while weekend prices can go as high as HK$19 per person with children aged under three being admitted free of charge.

Most pools boast an assortment of amenities, ranging from Jacuzzis and indoor/outdoor pools to splash zones specifically designed for young children. Many pools also provide monthly swim tickets that last a month after purchase, which can save money over time. Most also feature on-site cafes or even saunas to relax after a swim! However, please remember that certain amenities cannot always be guaranteed and may depend on availability; the best way to guarantee an experience is booking in advance through one of various methods available to you but make sure you read and agree with all terms & conditions prior to committing to specific time slots!


June 2024

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