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If you’re visiting Hong Kong to swim, you might be surprised to learn of its stunning pools. The Peninsula hotel, for instance, features a Roman-inspired design pool that makes you feel as though you’re holidaying in Rome while taking advantage of Hong Kong’s skyline as your backdrop. Plus, they also have an outdoor Jacuzzi and lounge chairs to provide beautiful sunset views.

Hongkong’s pools provide more than just beautiful waters – they also boast amenities that make them highly popular destinations with both locals and visitors. Some feature cutting-edge equipment, like exercise machines, saunas, and steam baths. Some even feature eco-friendly features like solar energy generation or water filtration systems to reduce environmental impact.

Hongkong Pools offer an exciting range of activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Open round-the-clock and providing multiple transaction options including local banks, e-wallets and mobile credit transactions; perfect for families as there are also children’s pools and other facilities dedicated to them.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) announced that 24 public swimming pools had fully reopened after their staff shortage caused by strike action, while 17 had partially reopened. Some pools remained closed due to lifeguard shortage. To address the situation, LCSD collaborated with Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union who in turn have reached out to swimming training institutions warning them some pools may not open this summer due to staff shortage.

In the meantime, LCSD has relied on temporary workers to cover full-time pool staff during this crisis period. Reopening of pools should take place by early July when full-time pool personnel return on duty.

LCSD has allowed private swimming clubs to rent public pools daily during the strike and hold classes; however, there have been concerns regarding swimmer safety due to increased risks of drowning if swimming without proper supervision.

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