MMA Betting Basics

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MMA betting has grown increasingly popular and offers bettors an extensive array of bet types – prop, future and live bets among them – which allows for endless possibilities. To be successful at betting MMA, one must understand how odds work; research fighters and their styles; manage bankroll effectively; as well as understanding odds. Although newcomers to this sport may find the process intimidating at first, expert coaches are available to offer support along the way.

As the first step to successful MMA betting, understanding the odds system is key. Odds in mixed martial arts betting typically appear in moneyline format with favorites marked with a minus sign (-) and underdogs with plus signs (+). Your bet size determines your payout if successful; unlike sports such as football and basketball where payouts depend on which teams your bet covers.

Be wary when placing bets without first considering the overall record and performance history of all fighters involved, as this can often be overlooked when making predictions based on past performances of opposing combatants. Be careful comparing records based on how they think a match will play out as this could result in inaccurate analysis based on past performances alone which might not accurately portray how they will fare against new adversaries.

Consideration should also be given to each fighter’s weight class and reach. Depending on their style, some fighters will struggle with cutting and maintaining weight while others may do it effortlessly – this will have an impactful result on how they move around the ring and perform inside an octagon.

Oddsmakers typically set an Over/Under round total based on an MMA fight lasting from three to five rounds, adding or subtracting points known as juice or vig depending on their assessment of its likely duration.

Method of victory bets are another popular MMA wager type that can be extremely profitable if correctly placed. These bets involve correctly predicting a fighter’s method of victory (knockout, submission or points decision) – most reliable online sportsbooks offer this as one of their prop bets – even those that predict when an fight will end!

Mma is an extremely fast-paced sport and it is not uncommon for fighters to suffer injuries during an encounter. Such injuries can have an immense effect on performance and should be taken into account when placing bets; knockout losses in particular can make a fighter more cautious than usual and reduce his or her edge in order to avoid another loss; also injuries may require longer recovery times than anticipated which in turn might alter how long a bout lasts; especially important when fighters transition between weight classes.


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