The SDY Pools

The Sydney Dymock Pools have long been an iconic landmark on Sydney’s waterfront and have been used by residents and visitors for nearly 100 years. A beloved tourist destination, these waters have even been featured in movies, commercials, and music videos! Now under extensive renovation and will remain closed for two years; once completed however it will reopen with improved water filtration system as well as saltwater for enhanced swimmer flotation.

Swimming pools are often designed with the intent of giving their pool its own distinct aesthetic and feel. There are various design choices when it comes to creating the aesthetic and feel of your pool and its surroundings; some designers focus on layout and surroundings while others aim to add focal points like waterfalls or fountains as focal points; this aspect should never be neglected as it’s often what sets each pool apart from others.

A professional pool landscaping company will assist in the design process and help you select the optimal option for your needs. They will provide an estimate of costs associated with the project and afterward can also offer maintenance services as needed.

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June 2024

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